Master Your Pitch

Female founder and entrepreneur!

Are you achieving the results you want  with your presentation?

Are you nervous, scared, or doubtful about pitching or performing?

You’re not alone, and even better, we have great news for you!

In a unique workshop where you will be supported and guided by experienced instructors and advisors, you will get to finetune your pitch deck and your presentation performance, and experience true change in your performance skills. We give you tools to boost your self-confidence and wash away your insecurities, giving you all the resources to create your own success story as an entrepreneur and as a woman!

Every female founder and entrepreneur, also those who are not part of any incubator programs, now have the fantastic opportunity to participate in this pitching, presentation and performance training that has been upgraded to a totally new level!


Dedication, experience, attention to detail, and a profound understanding of the entrepreneur’s inner journey, challenges and needs when it comes to mastering both the content of your pitch deck as well as your pitching performance, you will learn to truly master your pitch together with these power women.

Hanna Nyholm
- making your mindset the biggest success factor in your business. Executive coach, entrepreneur and investor, Hanna will help you unleash all your inner potential to establish the success mindset that aligns with your company’s mission and vision

Mirva Nevalainen - crystalizing your business’s story in a pitch that adds and attracts value, growth, and clients. With decades of experience in business development and leadership, Mirva will help you crystalize your pitch deck or sales presentation.

Sari Havas, renowned actress and acting coach, will help you to release your hidden powers, to stand strong and confident in your pitch or presentation, embracing the inner actress within.

With this team of three, you'll definitely get the best tools to win your audience and achieve the results our want.

Workshop content

During this immersive and interactive two-day workshop you get to practice, to dive into the depths of your personal strengths, to give and receive feedback, to encourage and lift each other up, and to become confident and successful pitchers and performers!

Don’t miss this opportunity; due to the hands-on and personal approach of the workshop we have a limited number of places for the workshop, so don't wait any longer - book your seat now, and start the journey of transformation!

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  • Before workshop

    • You will receive a few assignments in advance
    • We recommend that you to take time to complete the assignments
    • By preparing you will get the most out of the workshop
  • Day 1

    • We will help you discover your own inherent inner power
    • Finetune your pitch deck together with the instructors
    • Practice and rehearse your presentation skills with a renowned performance coach
  • Day 2

    • The presentations will be recorded
    • Invaluable feedback will be shared on your presentation and recorded video
    • You will leave the workshop feeling confident and with a success mindset, ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level!
  • After workshop

    • You will not be alone! Join our growing community of like-minded ambitious female founders and entrepreneurs to continue receiving guidance and sharing tips & tricks
    • Take the best practices with you and continue to improve
    • Ask about our other supporting services, and upcoming workshops, trainings and other events.?