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Welcome to Shevestments, a vibrant community of female investors committed to driving positive change through capital investment and support of unlisted companies, particularly those led by women. At Shevestments, we recognize the transformative power of education and support for women investors while encouraging them to take a central role in shaping the future for women in business.

That's why we focus on harnessing investment opportunities that not only generate financial returns, but also contribute to advancing initiatives and empowering female entrepreneurs. We specialize in investing in unlisted companies, understanding the unique potential and opportunities they offer for growth and innovation.

Join us as we navigate the dynamic landscape of investments, driving meaningful impact and fostering a more inclusive and prosperous future for all.


We want everyone to have access to investment opportunities and to learn about investing in unlisted companies.

Selecting portfolio companies.

We help our community members to find notable and robust growth companies to support. The support could be in the role of an investor, a mentor, or an advisor.

We help you through the journey.

You will not be left alone on your investor’s journey. We support all our community members throughout the entire investment journey.

educate yourself to master the capital investing

what you need to know when investing in unlisted companies

Shevestment is committed to introduce well recognized education partners for you to learn theory of capital investing. Investing in unlisted companies is considered high-risk investing.
It's essential to understand the basics, you'll reduce the risk and you know where to focus when selecting the companies to invest in and when you follow their journey to grow.

Our education portfolio consist of themes like investment types, valuation techniques, industry insights, case studies, how to analyze financial statements, forecasting future performance, basics of due diligence and shareholders agreement, how to evaluate intrinsic start-up value, etc..

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investing in unlisted companies - is it comparable to buying a lottery ticket?

We hear that phrase a lot, also, the statistics shows cruel numbers; every tenth startup will survive, and much less will bring the cap

Your mind is your business’s biggest asset, and your current results are a direct indication of your mindset – change the mind, change the game. At Shevestments, we play to win, in business and in our minds. Let’s change the game together!
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Master your mind, master your results


Your mind is your business’s biggest asset, and your current results are a direct indication of your mindset – change your mind, change your game.

At Shevestments, we play to win, in business, and in our minds. Let’s change the game and level up together! Immerse yourself in the inner journey of your mind through our high-level mindset coaching modules, connect to your inherent inner capital and let it accelerate your personal growth alongside your business.

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