Investors meet up

Invest in Her meet-up was organised 7th May at Helsinki Stock Exchange Building

Thank you all participants for vivid and inspiring speeches and discussion!
Stay tuned, there will be more opportunities coming to embark on a journey to empower women-led growth companies to reach new heights of success!

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Invest in Her speakers and panelists
May 7th 2024

Tiina Laisi-Puheloinen


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Maria Severina

Investing partner, CEO of Almaral

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Kati Laine

Co-founder, Head of Sales at Ravistamo Oy

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Piia Maaranen

Partner at Innovestor

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Aki Soudunsaari

CEO of Springvest

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We organized a fabulous evening at the Stock Exchange Building in Helsinki, to embark on a journey not only to inspire, but to empower and celebrate women who invest - and women-led growth companies. Investing in women is not just a smart financial choice; it's a commitment to empowering change.

With thought-provoking keynote speeches and an action-inspiring panel discussion around the challenges, needs and expectations around startup investing, INVEST IN HER was more than a gathering - it was a catalyst for change.

Investors and founders had opportunity to network, create connections and learn more from fellow investors and founders.


Upcoming events will be announced soon.

Calendar placeholders are set already for October 9th 2024 (breakfast meet-up) and December 11th 2024 (late afternoon meet-up).

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